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We are the favourite drain survey service company for thousands of customers in Hampshire Drainage Hampshire has been carrying out drain survey for decades and we've built a reputation as the best in the business. Our drain survey system is has been engineered to effectively probe and scrutinize for structural damage, point of entry for rats and why you may have cases of recurring blockage. We tick the boxes for structural integrity and look for where problems may likely occur so we can nip in the bud before they may become difficult to tackle.

Why Our Brand Is Trusted By All In Hampshire

  • We employ experienced experts who use the latest technology in the completion of every job.
  • Drainage Hampshire fixes all drain problems; you'll know you need us when you notice telltale signs such as a bad odour around drains, slow draining and leakages along drain pipes.

The Drain Survey Company In Hampshire

Panoramo: A 3600 Drain Cctv Inspection Engineered For Speed And Efficiency

We were the first to utilize a truly panoramic CCTV for drain inspection services in Hampshire. Our Panoramo camera can travel through your drains at an impressive 35 cm/s. This tool provides a full view of the drain or sewer surface, saving the data along the way. Unlike the pan and tilt drain survey camera, this unit does not depend on an operator to scan and record images.

The Panoramo only needs to traverse the drain once to map and record every detail. The Panoramo only needs to traverse the drain once to map and record every detail. And the recorded data is readily accessible for immediate and future reference.

Lisy Can Save Time And Money

The LISY sat makes the CCTV inspection of sewers and lateral drains thorough, and that's why we use it to conduct drain surveys. Our drain survey is fast and affordable because we use innovative technology. LISY makes it possible for us to directly survey sewers and lateral drains withough needing to enter the properties involved. LISY can probe up to 100 meters of the main sewer line.

The Technology Is So Effective That It Has Been Adopted By Water Companies Responsible For Private Sewers. Drainage Hampshire is constantly seeking the latest technology so that our customers will save time and money. And that's why we have adopted LISY technology in our drain inspection service.

Our Drain Survey Equipment Is Unrivalled In Hampshire

Drainage Hampshire has some of the most advanced drain surveillance tools in Hampshire. We have state - of - the - art CCTV surveillance camera that are remotely controlled and precise. Our CCTV drain survey technology covers everything from damage detection and analysis to damage anticipation.

Drainage Hampshire: Trusted For Innovation In Hampshire

Laser Profiling For Drainage System Analysis

Drainage Hampshire uses profilers, specially fitted on our CCTV cameras, to help us determine any minute deviations from normal in your pipe. This allows us to collect precise information about the shape of a sewer or drain.

But our profiling goes beyond drain shape analysis: we are able to collect detailed information on pipe dimensions, structural damages and blockages. The Profiler is so powerful it can sense the minutest problem in your sewer or rain.

Proteus: Cctv Inspection For Explosion - Risk Areas

With our tactical skills, immense experience, and advanced tools, we have become the obvious choice for drain inspection projects in high - risk areas in Hampshire. Drains around environments such as zone 2 public sewers and other such dangerous, inflammable environments require equipment that are intrinsically safe.

We use a camera called Proteus which is ATEX rated to deal with inflammable environments. It's not only spark free, but is also thorough in its drain surveys.

Party Wall Drain Survey

Call Drainage Hampshire to deal with all your party wall drain survey needs. In most cases, you need to check the drains between yours and your neighbour's property to gauge their condition before and after construction works such as renovations or extensions.

In most cases, you need to check the drains between yours and your neighbour's property to gauge their condition before and after construction works such as renovations or extensions. The fact that our process is detailed and thorough ensures that we will discover any drain problem before and after your reconstruction and help you implement fixes.

Property Investment Surveys At Drainage Hampshire

Before you consider inking a purchase contract, let Drainage Hampshire conduct a thorough drainage survey of a potential property. With a detailed analysis from the survey, you would be able to know beforehand if the property's drainage system will require heavy repairs you didn't budget for.

By contracting us to perform your drain survey, you are ensuring that you are going to get the most detailed and thorough service possible. We provide you with a DVD of the survey that we conduct, along with a full analysis.

Call Us And Enjoy Peace Of Mind. You Are Fully Insured

Drainage Hampshire is covered by the best insurance, with the most comprehensive plans. Don't be concerned about anything going off the rails because we are completely insured and will be extremely careful when we deal with your property. We take care of your service needs with the attention it deserves.

Contact us now and let us amaze you.

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